Active Member American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 

Suffering from any of these symptoms?

Anxiety*Depression*Dry Skin*Fatigue*Hair Loss*Headaches

Night Sweats*Panic Attacks*Poor Focus*Slow Metabolism

Stress*Excessive Weight Gain*Hot Flashes*Insomnia*Low Libido

Memory Loss*Mood Swings*Muscle Loss*Joint Pain*Hair Loss

Loss of Height*Fibromyalgia*Back Pain*Erectile Dysfunction

Active Member American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 



Searching for a physician who will take time to listen to your emotional and physical challenges and work with you to overcome them? At NEW IMAGES HEALTHCARE Medical Center you will enter a peaceful, intimate setting with a medical staff that is dedicated to providing patients with compassionate and individualized care. Our physicians are Interventional Endocrinologists specializing in hormone balancing and endocrine optimization. At New Images we use a unique and personalized approach to identify the root causes of your symptoms and treat them allowing you reach a higher quality of life.

Our physicians at NEW IMAGES HEALTHCARE will determine the underlying problems which cause symptoms like these and help you to significantly improve or even eliminate them. We will help you create a recovery plan that will enable your body to heal... restoring its balance and your sense of wellbeing. The BHRT and testosterone specialists will tailor your plan specifically to your body’s needs unlike the countless doctors who prescribe a one size fits all pill to simply cover up symptoms. NEW IMAGES HEALTHCARE will help you achieve optimal health and wellness, allowing you to be the best you can be at any age!

Our  Weight loss Programs 

Looking for a HCG, B-12, Leptin  program?  through reasonable exercise, behavior modification, a physician-controlled diet, & supplements, you can lose as much or as little weight as you'd like. Our office offers short wait times . & We offer four programs depending on how much weight you want to lose. These catagories are: Diabetic, Hypothyroid, Residual Baby Fat, & Hypertension. We also offer, HELP with MULTIPLEOTHER medical conditions as you lose toward your goal with Medical Director, Dr. Scranage, who has been helping his patients lose weight for more than 20 years!

All patients are evaluated with a complete p/t focusing on: Menopausel, Andropause, and Vitamin Defeciency syndromes.  Replacement of all hormones are exclusively Bio-identical hormone replacement Therapy  -( BHRT ). A Physician-Controlled Diet is the key that has been missing from your weight loss efforts.


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 Health Fair Screening
Save Up to - 80% off National Lab List Prices for
Full Panel Laboratory Tests

 Patients without health insurance are suffering because of the normal costs of Lab testing which are required or desired to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The self-insured patient normally pays out-of-pocket for needed tests for their health maintanence which costs them thousands of dollars.       

   New Images Healthcare, LLC has partnered with National Labs including Labcorp, Solstas, and Quest to allow patients to receive convenient health screening with list price discounts up to 80 percent off of the labs tests ordered through our organization.  We are offering this discount directly to your organization as a savings to self-pay patients and all organizations such as Xtraplan members, school infirmaries, private clinics,  private corporations, and small and large businesses.
  By using our company, the volume generated drives the costs of lab tests down and every partnered organization receives the benefits. 
No company is too big or too small to take advantage of these discounts.
These discounts are available for most tests available to Labcorp and other National Lab companies, and are tailored for each individual organization.
 Your company (or individual) partners with New Images Healthcare, LLC, generating their private label Lab division of that company.  Patients prepay, or the organization contracts with NIHC for billed 15 to 30 day net payment schedule.
The patient then receives a requisition form and takes the completed form directly to any one of the thousands of national Lab drawing stations and the results are sent to the designinated clinic and/or patient.
Patients benefit by receiving quality, efficient, reliable lab testing benefits saving them money, which allows the patient to have the reduced burden of high existing health care costs.
The organization benefits by lowering the operating costs of Lab testing,
NIHC donates a percentage of all lab profits to nonprofit organizations and scholarship programs.  


We are located in Virginia, so get on the road to weight loss with a physician-controlled diet.

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